Multibase iPad application

Posted in AIR, iOS, mobile, work by cordechasse on février 14th, 2013

Here is my last release :

It’s an adHoc iPad application installed on self-service iPads available on the Multibase reception room.
The goal of this app is to present the Multibase large range of activity to visitors in 5min times.

Monsieur Mo is behind the graphics and 3D animations.

This application was made with AIR SDK 3.5, Starling 1.3 and Feathers.

Heineken Detect’Fraîcheur : is my beer cold enough?

Posted in iOS, mobile, work by cordechasse on mai 9th, 2012

Heineken Detect’Fraicheur is an iPhone App that can tell if your beer is cold enough.


Each Heineken DraughtKeg (can of 5 liters of beer) has got a thermometer drawn on its back. This thermometer  reacts to the temperature of the beer inside the draughtKeg by turning from grey (hot) to blue (cold).
The application helps the beer-lovers to know if the beer is cold enough by scanning the pattern and displaying the result.

I’ve developed this full-native application for megalo&company.

If you don’t have any Heineken DraughtKeg, you can still test the app with these pictures (scan them directly on your computer screen) :



Human Energy iPhone Application

Posted in iOS, mobile, work by cordechasse on avril 2nd, 2012

My last iPhone application is available on the AppStore : He Drink.

This application, first official of Human Energy, focus on music and team news.
Users can listen to the official streamed Human Energy radio (using multitasking and the OS music player fonctionalities), watch the latest news of the Human Energy sports team (videos and photos).

Eiie design is behind the great graphics and I did all the development (Objective-C).


L’originale expérience Franche-Comté just released

Posted in as3, websites, work by cordechasse on mars 7th, 2012

L’originale expérience Franche-Comté is a website to promote Franche-Comté, area in the Est of France.

Franche-Comté « stars » (Olympic medalist in ski, famous singers etc.) present how great Franche-Comté is, in video interviews.
Users can post their own success-story by uploading videos and photos.

SamYStudiO and I (both at l’étrange fabrique) worked together to develop the front-end part of this full-flash experience website. We worked for Native Communications based in Lyon, France.

The main features of this website :

  • fullflash
  • immersive homepage with huge infinite paralaxe
  • full swfadress (thank’s Gaïa Framework)
  • youtube players
  • share with Facebook and Twitter
  • upload photos and videos
  • etc.



Posted in work by cordechasse on octobre 16th, 2011

After 7 years spent at megalo&company, I’m starting a new life as freelance.
I join l’étrange fabrique, community of freelancers and friends.

If you’ve got challenging/creative/innovative Flash or iPhone projects, I’m your man!

You can contact me : nicolas(at)

ANT – How to enable FTP tasks

Posted in Ant Task by cordechasse on septembre 18th, 2011

ANT comes with a few tasks that can save you a lot of time.

One of them, which is really usefull, is the FTP task :

<target name="01. Upload to ftp">
    <ftp server="ftp.mydomain" userid="login" password="password" verbose="true">
        <fileset dir="bin"/>

If you’ve got the anoying error : Could not create type ftp due to java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/net/ftp/FTPClientConfig, you need to add the commons-net-XXX.jar library in the ANT classpath.

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ANT + AIR – Auto update build version

Posted in AIR, Ant Task by cordechasse on août 15th, 2011

When you develop an AIR application, the version number is really important.

Instead of updating on your own, here is an Ant task that auto-increment the build version of your application.

It will :

  • build a file where the build version is stored
  • auto-increment build version at each compilation
  • update descriptor.xml file when generating the final AIR file
  • generate an AIR file with version included in its name (ex: myApp_1_0_256.air)

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Posted in work by cordechasse on juillet 28th, 2011 is a website to promote Flandre, in Belgium.

The website was released in march, but today, I just found that it was in the top 10 extraordinary websites according to!

On this project, I lead a team of 2 flash developers.
I made all the architecture, the « diamond engine » (display of pictures in diamond shape, transitions, etc), and few other parts.

Gobelins AS3 slides

Posted in as3, gobelins by cordechasse on mai 4th, 2010

This year I taught for the first time : 56 hours of Actionscript3 lessons at the Gobelins school (in Annecy, France).
It was really a great experience, I hope the students enjoyed as much as I did.

Here are the slides :


Still alive, yes, yes…

Posted in as3, websites, work by cordechasse on février 21st, 2010

I know it’s been a really long time I haven’t done anything on this blog, but later is better than never, right?

In fact, I haven’t written anything because I’ve been really busy at work (I’m working for Megalo(s)) with huge and interesting projects and I’m teaching AS3 at a fabulous multimedia french school : Gobelins (recently renamed CCI Formation).

I led the flash development of fullflash websites, most revelants are :

DeDietrich screenshot
De Dietrich HouseHold appliance(team of 3 developers)


DKNY teaser
PureDKNY fragrances Teaser (team of 2 developers) : water your plant and it grows, share your plant and it gets flowers.


DKNY reveal
Pure DKNY fragrances Reveal (team of 2 developers)


Let’s bring this blog back to life, so in the next post I’ll give my Gobelins slides, talk about FITC in Amsterdam, talk about ant Task…